Dosage form: powder.

Presentation: 10 g sachet, 25 sachets in a box; 500 g polymer jar.

Identification: Homogeneous, loose white powder, odourless.

Composition: Spore biomass of bacteria Bacillus subtilis strain DSM 32424, Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain VKPM B-10642 (DSM 24614) and Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain VKPM B-10643 (DSM 24615) as active agents, and sugar powder, starch as excipients.

1 g of the active substance contains no less than 1x106 CFU (colony-forming units), containing сlusters, each cluster contains not less than 100 living microbial cells of each strain.

Biological properties:
Biologically active substance Fitop 8.1 is intended for growing vegetables, fruits and berries and other agricultural crops in open and protected ground.
As a result of using Fitopa 8.1:
- the optimal root system of a plant is formed according to the located environment conditions (planting conditions, soil properties, soil moisture, etc.);
- it becomes possible for a plant to protect itself from the most of phytopathogens, as provided by nature;
- productivity indicators of plants are approaching those optimal ones which are peculiar to particular plant species;
- the growth and development of putrefactive, pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microflora in the soil and on fruits is suppressed.

Fitop 8.67 is used to improve and recover plant health by the following ways:
- treatment of planting material before planting;
- treatment of plants at their vegetative period;
- treatment of harvested crop (fruit, barriers, vegetable, storage root).

Preparing of the working solution:

Qty of Fitop 8.1, g

Qty of water for working mixture, liter



The content of one sachet (10 g) is dissolved in 10 liters of water.

Treatment of planting material
To get a maximum effect the planting material (seeds, roots, tubers, bulbs, etc.) is treated with the Fitop 8.1 working solution by any available way (watering, soaking, spraying, etc.) before or during planting into soil (open or protected grounds). The seed surface should be completely wetted with the working mixture.

Treatment of plants at vegetative stage
The treatment is carried out if necessary:
- to prevent and control bacterial and/or fungi infections;
- to relieve stress caused by various natural and and/or technological environmental impacts – dry weather, excess moisture, acid depositions, agrochemical treatments by pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc.

Treatment of harvested crop (fruit, barriers, vegetable, storage root)
It is intended to provide better safety in storage and transportation.

The harvest of root crops and root tubers grown with use of Fitop 8.1 when planting is less susceptible to the impacts of putrefactive microflora. Before placement the harvest in storage the additional treatment of fruit and root crops by Fitop 8.1 is recommended.

As well as treatment of the harvest grown without use of Fitop 8.1 is recommended before storage.
Root crops and tubers are sprayed or soaking in the working mixture and kept at the temperature of (20-30)ºC within not less than 24 hours. As the active agents in Fitop 8.1 are in a spore form, they need pass into a vegetative stage to produce and secrete products of their life activity, which inhibit the growth and development of pathogenic, opportunistic and putrefactive microflora. Thorough drying of the washed harvest is not necessary, but desirable.
The treatment of delicate fruit and berries is better through spraying at the ripening stage.

Storage conditions: Store at temperatures of (-30 up to +30)ºС.
Low-hazard class (Class 4). Keep the preparation out of the reach and sight of children.

Shelf life: 5 years after the date of manufacture. Do not use after the expiry date.