Lelyak A. I., Director of Issledovatelsky Tcentr

Issledovatelsky Tcentr («Research Center») is a stable and reliable company.

It has been working more than 20 years at the market of non-pharmaceutical products.

We clearly understand that human health directly depends on the ecological status of each environmental object. So, the company manufactures additives and supplements not only for supporting human health, but highly effective biological products for organic farming.

There are over 180 highly qualified researchers, laboratory technicians and specialists involved in developing and employing biological technologies for eco-friendly crop protection, sustainable soil management and animal health care.

Research Center also provides professional result–oriented services: to detect disease-causing microorganisms in our accredited biotechnology laboratory, to design prevention and treatment strategies for bacterial diseases on the base of the preparations developed by our company, to maintain the obtained favourable results for a long period.

Research Center has a wide network of contacts among agricultural and animal producers in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova and some European countries. We work side by side not only with small scale farmers but agro-industrial complexes, state research institutes, agrarian universities. We are always open to the collaboration with wholesale and retail distributors.

Alexandr Ivanovich Lelyak,


"Issledovatelsky Tcentr" Company,

Koltsovo Science Town