Dosage form: powder.

Presentation: 5 g laminated sachet (50 sachets in a carton box); 50 g laminated sachet (10 sachets in a carton box); 500 g polymer jar.

Identification: powder of white color, odorless, soluble in water, with the formation of a white precipitate.

Vetom contains dried culture of spore-forming bacteria*, powdered sugar, starch.

Name of product

* Spore-forming bacteria

Vetom 1

Bacillus subtilis strain DSM 32424

Vetom 1.2

Bacillus subtilis VKPM В-10641,
Bacillus amyloliquefaciens VKPM В-10642 and VKPM В-10643

Vetom 2

Bacillus amyloliquefaciens VKPM В-10642 and VKPM В-10643

Vetom 3

Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain VKPM B-10642 (DSM 24614)

Vetom 4

Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain VKPM B-10643 (DSM 24615)

Indications: Vetom is used to normalize gastrointestinal microflora, to prevent and treat gastroenteritis, dysbacteriosis, in intestinal disorders after long antibiotic treatment, in ration replacement, or in lowering the quality of feed, in enzyme deprivation-associated derangement of digestion.
Vetom provides restoring natural host resistance, decreasing mortality rate, increasing fertility and productivity in farm animals and poultry. Besides, Vetom improves the quality of fur in fur animals (incl. mink, fox), increases egg-laying rate in poultry, and to stimulate the growth and development of young animals and birds.

Pharmacological properties: Bacteria in Vetom used for the veterinary drugs are highly resistant to digestive juices and enzymes of the gastrointestinal tract; they are able to intensively reproduce and adapt. In the intestines the spores of the bacteria pass to a vegetative stage and produce substances like antibiotics, enzymes and other biologically active substances. Under their effect the intestinal microbial communities, acidity, the processes of digestion, absorption and metabolism of iron, calcium, lipids, proteins, carbohydrates, triglycerides, amino acids, dipeptides, sugars, and bile salts come to normal. Vetom stimulates cellular and humoral immune factors, increases host resistance to infections caused by viral and bacterial agents.

Administration and Dosage: For oral use. Peranum application is allowed.

For prophylaxis: Vetom is added into water, feed, premixes, mineral supplements with vitamins and other feed mixes in a once-daily dose of 1.5 kg per ton of feed (for a group of animals and birds) or 50 mg per kg of live weight (individually) within 15-20 days.

Peranum application of Vetom is allowed in a once-daily dose of 50 mg per kg of live weight within 15-20 days. The preparation is diluted with warm boiled water and injected to an animal after a cleansing enema.

Vetom as a therapeutic agent is given individually; the recommended dose is 50 mg per kg of live weight, twice a day in every 8-10 hours until clinical signs of disease disappear completely. In severe disease course, the dosage frequency should be increased up to 4 times a day in every 6 hours.

To correct immunodeficiency disorders, the recommended dose is 50 mg per kg of live weight, 1-2 times a day within 5-10 days.

Special warnings and precautions for use: No special warnings and precautions for use.
In applying the drug according to the given instruction, side effects and complications are not observed.
Specific effects of Vetom on animals / birds in the first intake or drug cessation have not been registered.
Special measures in missing one or several doses are not provided; the prophylactic / therapeutic course is resumed, increased dosage is not demanded.
The signs and symptoms of toxicosis or other adverse responses in overdosage have not been observed.
Vetom for use in pregnant or lactating females is allowed, there is no special recommendation.

Drug interactions: A combined administration of Vetom and antibiotics or sulfanilamides is prohibited.

Note: There are not any restrictions for meat and meat products for sale after taking Vetom by animals and poultry.

Personal safety precautions: Special safety measures are not required.

Storage and transportation conditions: Vetom is transported and stored in a dry place protected from light, at 0° to 30°С.
After opening a sachet or jar, the preparation should be stored at room temperature within 15 days.
Keep out of the reach of children.

Shelf life: 4 years after the date of manufacture. Do not use after the expiry date.