Semenova Anna G.,

PhD of Veterinary Sciences

«Hygiene of raising young pigs with using VETOM 1.1 and BIOSPORIN probiotics»

Aim and objectives

Aim: To provide the scientific background for the use of probiotics of VETOM 1.1 and BIOSPORIN to activate the non-specific resistance and the productive potential in young pigs.
1. To define the key parameters of microclimate in pigpens when used thermal gas generators;
2. To determine the effects of probiotic preparations of VETOM 1.1 and BIOSPORIN on the physiological state, morphological, biochemical blood values and productivity of piglets;
3. To find out the non-specific resistance formation in the body of young pigs under the influence of VETOM 1.1 and BIOSPORIN probiotics;
4. To identify the chemical composition of meat of young pigs after using VETOM 1.1 and BIOSPORIN;
5. To define and give the assessment of meat quality and period of storage after using probiotics and treatment with ozone-air mixture;
6. To calculate the cost-effectiveness of using VETOM 1.1 and BIOSPORIN in young pigs.

Scientific novelty

Reasonability of applying VETOM 1.1 and BIOSPORIN to increase non-specific resistance, productivity and survival index in young pigs and applying the ozone-air mixture to extend a shelf life period and to improve the quality of meat and meat products has been scientifically grounded and experimentally proved.
The probiotics have been found out to activate the non-specific resistance of the body, thereby the functional activity of the organs of the immune system, growth and development of young animals are stimulated, survival index and meat productivity are increased.
It has been revealed that the tested probiotic preparations are safe and the meat is of good quality according to organic and biochemical parameters. Physicochemical studies showed that the treatment with ozone-air mixture has no negative effect on the quality indicators of meat and meat products. After ozonizing the storage period is increased by 2 times while maintaining the original freshness.
Proposals to boost the body resistance and to improve the productivity and survival of young pigs with using probiotics of VETOM 1.1 and BIOSPORIN were worked out.

The practical significance

The following effective techniques and methods were offered:
- optimizing of microclimate in a sow house with a heat gas generator TAU - 0.75;
- increasing the nonspecific resistance and productivity of young pigs when used the probiotics of VETOM 1.1 and BIOSPORIN;
- increasing the storage period of meat while keeping meat quality characteristics after ozone-air mixture treatment.
The proposed methods can help veterinarian-practitioners to scientifically and rationally solve problems concerning to microclimate improvement in the animal areas, increase in the survival index and productivity of piglets and extension of the storage period of meat and meat products.
Some recommendations on the use of gas heat generators in the premises for keeping piglets, on the use of probiotic VETOM 1.1 and BIOSPORIN to accelerate the growth and to increase the average daily live weight gain in young pigs, as well as on the use of ozone-air mixture to maintain food value of meat for a long period of time were offered to the large-scale pig farms and complexes in the Chuvash Republic.