Ivanova Angela B.,

Doctor of Veterinary Sciences, Associate Professor

«Pharmacological characteristics of Subtilis-based probiotics and the efficacy of their using in poultry industry»

Aim and objectives

Aim: To study the pharmacotoxicological actions of new probiotic preparations and identification of patterns of their effects on the physiological and biochemical status of the organism, productivity and product quality in chickens of various breeds.
1. To identify acute, chronic toxicity and embryotoxic action of VETOM 3.
2. To determine optimal doses and dosage schedule of VETOM 3, VETOM 3.1 and VETOCIL and their effectiveness compared to BIFITRILAK and NARINE.
3. To identify patterns and particularities of probiotics effects on morfobiochimichal blood parameters and the nonspecific resistance in meat and egg chicken breeds.
4. To identify patterns and particularities of probiotics effects on the quantitative and qualitative composition of intestinal microflora in poultry of various breeds.
5. To reveal patterns and particularities of probiotic effects on poultry productivity, egg-laying capacity, product quality and survival depending on dosage frequency and duration.

The practical significance and implementation of the findings

The results of on-the-farm researches and trials have shown the prospects of wide practical use of probiotics based on Bac. subtilis in the poultry industry to improve productivity, quality and safety of poultry products.
The probability of replacing antibiotics by probiotics was proved in industrial- scale production.
The scientific concept of the application of VETOM 3 and VETOCIL was tested on the great amount of poultry in production environment.