Bashirova Elvira M.,

PhD of Veterinary Sciences

«Diagnostics and correction of functional status of the liver in hepatosis in productive cows»

Aim and objectives

Aim: Search for an efficient and cost-effective method of correction of the functional disorders of the liver in hepatosis inproductive cows.
1. To identify key etiological factors of hepatosis in dairy cows.
2. To determine the clinical status of cows with disorders of the functional state of the liver.
3. To study the nature of the morphological and biochemical changes in the blood, paunch manure and urine of animals with hepatosis.
4. To evaluate the efficacy of VETOM probiotic for correction of the liver functional activity in hepatosis in lactating cows.

Scientific novelty

A new method of hepatosis treatment with Vetom 1.1 in productive cows was proposed. Application of VETOM 1.1 probiotic for correction of the liver functional state is a distinctive feature of this therapeutic method. The probiotic contains a dry spore biomass of Bacillus subtilis bacteria which produce interferon.
The proposed therapeutic regimen allows fast restoring the metabolic function of hepatocytes and normalizing the clinical and hematological status of dairy cows. The method of the use of the drug on the basis of biologically active substances produced by bacteria to treat hepatosis differs from the earlier recommended therapeutic methods with the help of homeopathic LIARSIN® (N.M. Vavilov, 1994; A.G. Kukharskaya, 2006; N.A. Kochueva, 2007), homeopathic compositions of 7 vitamins, 4 macroelements and 6 microelements (N.I. Kuznetsov et al., 2004), mineral vermiculite enterosorbent in combination with preparation of selenium depolen (A.M. Gertman, L.A. Syrchina, 2007), alfalfa-based preparation of lahein (I.A. Shkuratova, 2007), lyutsevit (R.R. Idrisova, 2008).
The effect of VETOM 1.1 probiotic on the metabolic functions of hepatocytes and ruminal digestion in hepatosis in bovine animals has been studied. It has been proved that the probiotic normalizes * ruminal digestion in cows with a reduced functional activity of the liver due to the true increase in the pH level of the paunch manure by 22%, the number of infusoria by 31%, VFA by 20%. The probiotic preparation positively effects on the liver because of optimizing the metabolic functions of hepatocytes: protein synthesis, antitoxic, glycolytic, cholestatic and enzyme-forming functions come to normal (in the range of 5% to 51%).
It has been proved, VETOM 1.1 promotes relieving the functional stress in hemopoiesis, as evidenced by the increase in Hb level by 33% and changes in leukocyte ratio by 33-51%.

Theoretical and practical significance of the work

The completed researches and the obtained results proving a positive effect of VETOM 1.1 probiotic on the functioning of the liver, ruminal digestion and metabolic responses in dairy cows, will supplement some aspects of hepatosis pathogenesis.
The hepatoprotective efficiency in hemopoiesis and and cost-effectiveness of VETOM 1.1 probiotic was proved under production conditions. The obtained results will allow veterinary practitioners to be more successfully in treatment of hemopoiesis in dairy cows. In turn, it will provide a longer period of the productive use of cows, improvement of biological value of animal origin products for feeding of people and raw materials for industry.