Veterinary probiotics

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Providing food to the growing population of the world is one of the acute problems of the modern society. This complex problem includes many interrelated factors such as demographic, environmental, economic, technological, socio-political ones and others.

In many developing and densely populated countries the food patterns have been changed in the last 10 - 15 years. In India, for example, consumption of poultry meat has increased by 15 times since 1985. International experts predict that in order to ensure the population with balanced protein nutrition, the annual meat production should be increased by more than 2 times - up to 465 million tons (203%) by 2050. However, the natural resources used in animal husbandry are limited and do not increase quantitatively. These and other factors compel manufacturers to constantly look for new "reserves" to meet the rising global demand for poultry and livestock products. It is the use of existing reserves which allows solving the present animal husbandry problems without a significant increase in investment and without a simple arithmetical increase in the livestock population.

These concerns are known and, in some way they are associated with high morbidity and mortality of animals, especially in young animals, with the quality of nutrition and animal welfare. And in general, it concerns increasing the efficiency in livestock sector. And the most optimal option is a comprehensive approach to these problems. Such a complex approach to the problems concerning the animal and poultry health and productivity of livestock is offered by Scientific & Production Company "Research Center" with more than 20-year experience in animal research. Our company developed a series of veterinary drugs "Vetom" which helps to be successful in animal disease prophylaxis and treatment and use them both in private farm sector and large agricultural enterprises. We also offer such drugs as Bioseptin and Veles. All of them have been effectively used in different livestock sectors:

Veterinary probiotics for animal breeding and poultry farming - cattle, pets, poultry, pig breeding, sheep breeding, horse breeding, rabbit breeding, fur animal breeding, beekeeping, etc.

The drugs optimize vital functions in the body, normalize and restore the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract, which is especially important after using antibiotics that are used not only to treat and prevent various diseases of bacterial etiology, but also as effective components for stimulating the growth and development of young animals. The trials and practice show good efficiency of the veterinary drugs. The following average results are observed:
- 50-85% reduction in the prevalence of internal noncontagious, pathogenic diseases;
- 100% survival of young;
- 1.5 – 2-fold reduction of the treatment period of animal diseases;
- 10-15% increase in average daily weight gain.

In addition, the health-improving effect of drugs on animal’s body is manifested in increasing the body's resistance to any infectious agents, toxins, stressful situations, in increasing the effectiveness of traditional chemotherapeutic drugs in the treatment of animals, and in eliminating a great number of the harmful negative effects of chemical drugs on the body, etc. Use of our vet drugs in rearing animals and poultry provides increase in profitability of the production process and saving money owing to reduction of medicines and disinfectants costs, improvement of feed conversion ratio, reduction of rearing period, and increase in the survival rate.

It should be noted in particular one more important point in support of VETOM use in livestock rearing.

Experts from many countries have raised the alarm about emergence of new species of bacteria and viruses which are impervious to the most of antibiotics. One reason for this is in increasing uncontrolled use of antibiotics, especially in India, China, the United States and other countries. So, India is the largest consumer of antibiotics in the world. In the USA 80% of antibiotics are used in livestock sector. And as a result, new super bacteria which are insensitive to antibiotics have developed. According to the conclusions of independent Commission under the Prime Minister of Great Britain, if urgent steps wouldn’t be taken, mankind should be ready to millions of human deaths caused by invincible infections and $100 trillion of the aggregate loss in the global economy to 2050. The severity of the problem is also confirmed by researches of the Russian Rosselkhonadzor. A significant excess of serious antibiotics was found in many samples of livestock products, which can cause serious diseases.

It’s VETOM product line that can successfully replace feed antibiotics and ensure the organic farming products.