Testing Laboratory for Biotechnological Control

Testing laboratory for biotechnological control

Successful scientific, research and production activities are impossible without the appropriate scientific and industrial base that meets modern requirements in such knowledge-intensive field as microbiology. And one of the most important elements in the base structure is a control and analytical unit which is able to provide prompt and qualitative analyses at any stages of scientific researches, developments and production.

Understanding the importance of this fact NPF "Research Center" created the Testing Laboratory for Biotechnological Control. Today it has more than twenty years of successful experience and as confirmation of its high level of quality the BCT Laboratory is accredited by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology of the Russian Federation.

Owing to a modern methodological base and highly skilled personnel the Laboratory not only fully meets the analytical requirements of the company, but also provides analytical services in various and significant fields of activities.

In particular, laboratory services are needed in such areas as:
- сarrying out a wide range of clinical laboratory diagnostics;
- assessment of safety and authenticity of food, dietary and nutritional supplements;
- safety and quality assessment of animal feeds, premixes, raw materials for their manufacturing;
- quality evaluation of medical products for veterinary purpose;
- detection of pathogens III-IV group;
- assessment and analysis of hygienic-sanitary quality of water, soil and other biological objects;
- bacteriological control in different objects of external environment and enterprises.

Due to high test quality and reliability of the results obtained in the laboratory the clients are not only specialized scientific and manufacturing enterprises, but also such socially important institutions as medical and child care centers, schools, drugstores, etc.

The Laboratory is constantly improving its methodological basis and strives for close and long term cooperation with interested partners.

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Testing Laboratory for Biotechnological Control

Accreditation certificate RA.RU.22ПШ87


+7 (383) 325-30-07 – Laboratory (general)
+7 961 875 61 75 — Head of laboratory
+7 913 907 06 95 — Bacteriologist
+7 913 456 85 82 — Veterinary physician