«There is always a solution to every problem. We are proud of our scientific researches and ready to share our experience
in the issues associated with microbiology and microbial bioengineering.»


Lelyak Anastasia A. PhD. in Biological Sciences, Head of Biotechnological Control Laboratory

Testing Laboratory for Biotechnological Control has over twenty years of experience in providing microbiology services to our customers.

The laboratory carries out a wide range of microbial investigation and comprehensive testing services for the various industrial sectors (beverage and food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, human and animal health).

We provide objective data on the following directions:

- conformity assessment of foodstuffs, food additives and biologically active supplements according to relevant standards and regulations;

- drug safety evaluation for veterinary purpose;

- safety and quality assessment of pet feed, livestock and poultry feed;

- determination of chemical, toxic and bacterial contamination of various biological objects, water, soil;

- detection and identification of pathogenic agents belonging to Group 3 and 4 according to the classification in the Russian Federation.

Our specialists travel to the sites of livestock and poultry raising to make a microbial map, evaluate sanitary-and-epidemiologic situations and give recommendations.

Accurate results, final protocols of our laboratory are officially acceptable in applying to any certification body in the Russian Federation to obtain a GOST R certificate.

Our experts are also engaged in solving problems concerning infectious diseases in the crop sector and restoring soil fertility.

We are always ready:

- to send our specialists to collect samples to your place or give you a detailed instruction how to collect plant samples and soil to set a precise diagnosis;

- to identify pathogenic fungi or bacteria;

- to make some additional analysis;

- if necessary, to match appropriate probiotic preparations manufactured by our company or to create new ones for your specific purpose and give detailed recommendations on their application.

Over the whole period of applying our preparations and techniques we’ll keep in touch with you.

Website: http://leliak.info

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